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Bird in Hand

Beginning in 1997 in South Australia with the lofty goal of creating internationally recognized wines, the Bird in Hand story is one of passion and determination. Inside of a single generation, the founders vision and dedication to quality continues to manifest in some of the world’s finest flavours.

Bird in Hand at Woodside
Fun at Bird in Hand
Bird in Hand, Woodside
Bird In Hand dining

LVN Restaurant



LVN Restaurant is the new dining experience at Bird in Hand. The culmination of Bird in Hand’s dedication to art, design, excellence in cuisine and fine wine.


The spirited daughter of Bird in Hand founders, Andrew and Susie Nugent, inspired the name of the newly reimagined restaurant at the Woodside estate.  LVN – the initials of Lalla Victoria Nugent – is also the name given to the winemakers’ prestigious pinnacle cuvée, due for release in 2027.


Executive chef Jacob Davey and team, weave together an ever-changing menu, inspired by the three homes of Bird in Hand, Woodside (Peramangk), Finniss (Ngarrindjeri) and Tasmania (Paredareme).

The larger Bird in Hand family includes the winemaking team, restaurant staff and marketing and events arm.



Sarah has worked as a winemaker in many regions including Australia, New Zealand and France. Born and raised, now settled in the Adelaide Hills with her young family, Sarah has a passion for sparkling wine and a family hospitality background. She is a regular panel judge at Australian national wine shows.



Harrop’s distinguished career spans more than 20 years and includes the prestigious Master of Wine (MW) qualification, held by only 412 individuals globally. He lends his wealth of experience to strengthen the brand’s goal of excellence in wine quality, sustainability, and artisanal winemaking. 

Serene country

There are places that exude natural beauty and elegance, a towering sense of history, an enduring set of values, a feeling of wonder. Bird in Hand is one such place.

Set in South Australia, on some of the world’s oldest soils, it is an extraordinary destination full of ancient charm. Over two decades, it has become a cradle for passionate oenologists and lovers of life, art and culture.

Here, there is a sense of oneness with nature, a purposeful peace that emanates from the guiding philosophy of founders Andrew and Susie Nugent. As caretakers of a tender ecosystem, their brave vision frames Bird in Hand as a microcosm of the natural cycles of life, where the story in the soil becomes the inspiration for various manifestations of modern art and culture. Sustainability woven into the core of their identity, it is a story with a rich past, a bright future and an endless present, where innovative winemaking goes on against an exquisite natural backdrop.

HELI LUNCH experiences are 'All Inclusive':


    - Return Chauffeured Limousine transfer from one location

    - Scenic Helicopter flight from either Adelaide* or Parafield Airport* to Bird in Hand Winery Restaurant

    - All meals consumed at the venue

    - Matching or paired wines, selected wines consumed at the venue


NB: Wines, merchandise purchased to cellar, consume or use at a later date NOT included 


  * Depending on the Helicopter 

 **In order for us to provide you with the absolute best Heli Lunch experience, we require notice of 7 days in advance of when you wish to HELI LUNCH

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