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Founder and Owner, Garry Schilling

Police, Planes , Trains & Motorbikes.

Our owner and founder, Garry Schilling, has 4 loves.


His first was to become a Policeman, Race Motorbikes, Fly Planes and build Model Trains. He has achieved them all.


A career with SAPOL was cut short due to a serious Motor bike accident. This led him down the path of embarking upon another love, which was Planes. He achieved his pilot’s licence to fly small fixed winged planes and began a small-jet charter business in Adelaide, quickly gaining clients such as the Australian Federal Government and members of the Australian Cricket Team. However this was not meant to be at this time.


Life throws many curveballs which saw Garry go through many life changes and challenges. 

His next curveball was an aggressive cancer. This saw Garry reassess what he was doing and where he was going.


A list of priorities and passions was written. The top priority was ‘Have Fun’ and the top passion, which had always lingered in the background, was his love of flight.


Combining the two saw the birth of HELI LUNCH. 

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