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Welcome to the exclusive world of CLUB HELI LUNCH, where luxury meets culinary excellence in the sky! As a privileged member, you are granted unparalleled access to a host of benefits that redefine the way you experience fine dining and create lasting memories.


1. Complimentary HELI LUNCH Experience (GOLD ADVANTAGE AND ABOVE):

Enjoy the thrill of soaring above the cityscape while savoring a delectable meal in a private helicopter. Your membership entitles you to a complimentary HELI LUNCH experience, an unforgettable journey that combines the joy of flight with the finest cuisine.


2. Reduced Fees for Subsequent Flights:

As a loyal member, your indulgence doesn't end with the first flight. Subsequent HELI LUNCH experiences come at a reduced fee, ensuring that you can continue to relish this extraordinary culinary adventure without breaking the bank.


3. Versatile Membership Usage:

Whether you want to impress clients, reward hardworking staff, celebrate milestones, or create unique sales incentives, CLUB HELI LUNCH membership provides you with a versatile tool to elevate your corporate and personal experiences. It's not just a membership; it's a passport to innovation and distinction.


4. Staff Rewards and Incentives:

Motivate and reward your team by offering them the chance to dine in the sky. Recognize their hard work and dedication with a unique and thrilling experience that goes beyond the ordinary, fostering a positive and inspired workplace culture.


5. Sales Incentives and Client Appreciation:

Seal the deal or express gratitude to your clients in a way that truly stands out. CLUB HELI LUNCH provides an extraordinary platform to impress and engage clients, leaving a lasting impression and strengthening business relationships.


6. Special Occasions and Thank You Gestures:

Mark special occasions or express gratitude with a gesture that goes beyond the ordinary. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a simple thank you, a HELI LUNCH experience is a gift that will be cherished forever.

Being a member of CLUB HELI LUNCH isn't just about enjoying a meal; it's about creating moments that defy expectations and make a lasting impact. Elevate your experiences, reward your team, impress your clients, and celebrate life's milestones with the extraordinary benefits that come with being a part of CLUB HELI LUNCH. Welcome to a world where every flight is a celebration and every meal is an adventure!

  • All memberships are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.





Value - $5,950

  • $500  OFF the price of EVERY HELI LUNCH, at every venue, before GST is applied

* Per Annum, Excluding  GST


Value - $13,662

  • One FREE all inclusive HELI LUNCH, for 4 people flying in a Bell 206B3 JetRanger, PLUS

  • $1,200 OFF EVERY HELI LUNCH price thereafter, at every venue, before GST is applied, and more

  • Wine Blending and Conversations with the winemaker, hosted by BLACK STUMP WINES AU

  • More CLUB HELI LUNCH experiences on the way

* Per Annum, Excluding  GST

Additional Benefits for Both Tiers:

  • Priority Booking: Ensure availability for your preferred dates and times.

  • Concierge Service: Enjoy personalised assistance in planning and executing your HELI LUNCH experience.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals and businesses within the CLUB HELI LUNCH community.


By becoming a CLUB HELI LUNCH member, you not only grow your business but also create an environment where relationships flourish, and memories are etched in the minds of everyone involved. Elevate your business gatherings to new heights and make every occasion extraordinary with CLUB HELI LUNCH.


Because in the world of business, the sky is not the limit – it's just the beginning.

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